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Manitou Group, with headquarters in France, has a worldwide presence through a network of 1,050 partner dealerships, ensuring that the company is always attuned to its customer. It is through this focus that Manitou Group achieved a global sales revenue of £1.6 BN in 2020. A world reference in handling, access equipment and compact earthmoving activities, the mission of Manitou Group is to improve working conditions, safety and performance worldwide, while preserving people and their environment. 

 With customer satisfaction being the number one priority, Manitou decided to grow their customer-facing entity by opening their own dealership in the form of a Manitou Centre. South Africa’s first Manitou Centre opened in Cape Town in 2017. Substantial growth led to the opening of the second Manitou Centre in KwaZulu Natal in 2019 and, today, Manitou also has their flagship Manitou Centre in Johannesburg. Manitou Centres are at the epicentre of their regions to allow for intensive focus on their markets.

 A key focus of your Manitou Centres is to provide value-added solutions. Staff will tailor-make a package to suit your business. Options include extended warranties, service workshops, field service, parts supply, product support and maintenance contracts. The wide service offering combined with telematics to track the health of your machine, gives the Manitou centre the edge to form a unique mutually beneficial partnership with you.


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General Manager of Manitou Centre South Africa, Mark Webster, walks the talk when it comes to innovation and embracing change in the organisation. He brings on 20 years of experience in the material handling industry. A quote that always gets him by- “Carpe Diem. Seize the day.”
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